Moodlighting, sometimes known as uplighting or LED uplighting, can greatly enhance the look of a venue function room or space and is a highly effective way of making any venue look amazing - and if it's already amazing looking it'll look even better!

Uplighting & moodlighting is the most cost effective way to improve the look of any venue. It can be soft & understated, sophisticated or just flat out hot.

In most rooms with windows the effect of moodlighting changes throughout the day. As daylight fades into evening colours become more intense, creeping further into the room to give a complete 'wow' factor.

By lighting the edges of a room & highlighting architectural features like arches & cornices, moodlighting can bring the room to life in ways it's impossible to do with ordinary white, flat overhead lights.

I can create a 'look' with alternating colours - complementary colours work really well with this method - and as the night draws in your moodlighting can join in the party too, with colours that change in time with the music or a simple fade between colours.

Photographs really don't do the difference uplighting can make much justice, but I present some pictures below as examples of what can be achieved.

All my lighting units are LED based & run cool meaning they're safe and energy efficient.

Do you want your venue to look even more amazing?

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