You're planning to have some kind of entertainment at your wedding or other. You're thinking "I know! Disco! DJ!"... or you might be thinking "I'll book a band".

You're welcome to choose whichever you like of course... or both! But when you do, make sure you find out exactly what you're getting & think about how everything fits together.

What do I mean? The kind of thing I mean is to be careful not to make any assumptions. Assumptions such as everything will be included, or that the band will play two 45 minute sets and fill in the gaps in your five hour reception themselves. Or that the band will fit in the reception room alongside a DJ with their disco and your 6 foot high illuminated letters, chocolate fountain, photobooth & starlit dancefloor, backdrop drapes etc etc etc.

Please pay attention to consult your venue's wedding planner and your suppliers before the big day.

If your venue comes with a resident DJ & you cancel them in favour of a band you might just like to make sure your band are willing to play music between their sets - or you could be left frantically contacting DJs to a) see if they're still available and b) are within your budget - ON YOUR WEDDING DAY!! Believe me it happens, so please make sure to check & save yourself a lot of stress.

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