Picture the scene. You've had a lovely day having just got married to your soulmate & you're beginning to relax. You're looking forward to your evening entertainment with all that entails - cutting your wedding cake & amazing your guests with your amazing footwork in your first dance followed by getting a little bit messy & letting your hair down. The venue manager informs you your wedding DJ has arrived but they're not allowed in because they can't prove they have insurance!

Increasingly, venues are asking wedding service providers for proof that they're suitably insured, usually at the insistence of their own insurance policy. Not only that, some places even insist on seeing proof that any equipment brought into the wedding venue has been tested for electrical safety.

Imagine for a minute what might happen if it turns out the wedding DJ you booked has neither public liability insurance nor proof their equipment has been tested for electrical safety! They might end up a certain creek without a paddle & suddenly your stress-free marvellous day is ruined :( No venue is going to go against the rules set out by their own insurers!

Public Liability Insurance (aka PLI) isn't expensive & is a sure sign a wedding entertainment provider has a responsible attitude. Portable Appliance Testing (aka PAT) isn't actually a legal requirement (contrary to what many 'pro wedding DJs' say), nor is it a cast-iron guarantee that everything is safe (the same way a car MOT is no guarantee a car is roadworthy) but having the testing done demonstrates a degree of diligence.

So how do you minimise the risk of being disappointed on your big day? That's easy. Book a DJ who has insurance & has their equipment safety tested regulary.

I'm fully insured for public liability to the tune of 10 million pounds with a policy underwritten by Hencilla-Cenworth. All my electrical equipment (aka disco gear) is tested for electrical safety annually regardless of its age & inspected weekly to ensure its safety.

Contact me now to discuss how I can provide safe, fully insured entertainment for your wedding or other party today.

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