Middleton Lodge wedding reception in the marquee

Andy & Alex booked me to play their wedding reception at Middleton Lodge Estate in North Yorkshire & asked me to make a mashup for their first dance. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud was to turn into Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme. Not an easy ask as it turns out & making it ‘work’ took a little bit of effort.

The project was done in Ableton Live, my go-to program for any job where audio needs to be turned into more than the sum of its parts.

It starts off simply enough, with Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud played for a while. Then I somehow had to get it to mix into Lola’s Theme. A simple cut wasn’t going to do it, so I hit upon the idea of paring the track back to only the vocal using an acapella. Easy peasy, right? Ish.. except there’s a tempo difference of 46 beats per minute (BPM). See the straight line slope near the bottom of the picture above? That’s the tempo map for the project. Over the course of a few seconds the tempo ramps from 79 to 125 BPM, but with only Ed’s vocal audible it’s not too bad. Then in comes Lola’s Theme a bit at a time with a filter that does the ‘reveal’.

I added more beats to strengthen Lola’s Theme a bit, added a fade at the end & it was done. Easy peasy (!) & the happy couple were very pleased with the result.

Their wedding reception at Middleton Lodge Estate was a great night

Oh, and did I mention they also wanted a 2 hour pre-recorded mix to dance to in the basement bar? I laid all that out in Ableton too, compiled from a list of tracks provided. Since a lot were club versions they needed to be cut down so I could fit more into 2 hours…

Yes, yes I know. It’s cheating! Before this version I recorded one live with my DJ controller, cut the tracks down in length (over 3.5 hours of music recorded to make the 2 hour mix) then I ultimately wasn’t happy with it. It still takes a lot of skill to prepare a recorded mix in Ableton though!

Here's some video of their last song in the marquee - no slushy lovey dovey tunes here, just pumping good times music!

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