Christmas party season is traditionally the mobile DJ's busiest time of the year - something of a mixed blessing usually. Often DJs will moan about the hassle they get from over exuberant employees who've had their fill from a free bar, or the once a year Aunt Doris types. You won't find me among them this year!

No, this year I've absolutely LOVED the Christmas parties to bits. I've not been overexposed to Slade in the weeks running up to the big day & it's been very refreshing seeing Christmas tunes I like making a return to the music charts. The customers have been absolutely lovely too.

The one thing uniting all the parties I've played at my residency at Walworth Castle Hotel near Darlington this year is that they've been great fun & very up for it right from the start. No party-pooper requests, no abuse from somebody who's had too many shandies.. just an absolute joy really.

I've still heard tales of woe from other DJs about how their respective parties went though, so please remember - when you approach the DJ at a Christmas party try to treat them as you'd like to be treated if they came to see you do your job!

Regarding the music of Christmas parties don't you think it odd that the last proper good time party dancing hit came from Mariah Carey (All I Want For Christmas Is You).. in 1994! That's er.. 23 years ago!! That's starting to get on a bit - it's even a bit before the time of the new whippersnappers at work - and that's the NEWEST Christmas party song! Good grief. The next newest popular Christmas song is Fairytale of New York from The Pogues & Kirsty McColl in 1987. Okay now we're as far back as THIRTY years & we've still not reached Wham's Last Christmas yet!. Holy moly. Yes, somebody write some new Christmas party songs & make them stick somehow. Please.

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