Almost anybody can set themselves up to be a wedding DJ these days, and when it comes to finding the right DJ for your wedding reception there's so much choice out there it can be a minefield. There are lots of reasons to choose me as the DJ to help you & your guests celebrate your marriage, but here are my top five reasons why I might not be the DJ for you.

  1. You don't care about your guests having a great time

It's your wedding day, I get that. You want everything - absolutely everything - just-so. Fine, but what about your guests? I don't mind that the only music you listen to is by artists who play Bavarian nose flute but your guests might! I'm of the opinion you absolutely need your guests to be included in your celebration by more than just them being there. The music at your wedding reception should take your guests into account too. If you don't care whether they have a good time, I'd suggest you look elsewhere.

  1. I don't chat on the microphone

Some DJs sound great on the microphone - so do I but I keep talking to an absolute minimum and I make every time I speak count. You really don't need (and probably don't want) to hear how many weeks a song was in the charts for, or what the DJ's thoughts about your bridesmaids' dresses are. What you DO really need is for your guests to know what's about to happen & when - and for them to react accordingly.

  1. I don't have loads of lights

A mobile disco is sometimes judged by the amount of equipment (mostly lights) the DJ brings with them. Many a 'rig' is festooned with a multitude of different lighting effects, all switched on at the same time, all going crazy putting weird & wonderful patterns all over the room. And flashing on & off. A lot. That's fine if you like that kind of thing, but like my use of the microphone the amount of lighting I bring to any party is minimal..Don't worry though - you won't be partying in the dark. The few lights I bring with me are bright, very colourful & skilfully controlled to enhance the atmosphere. They won't make your beautiful wedding venue look like an abandoned disco shop.

  1. I don't offer lots of different extras

I concentrate on specialising things I'm good at, like being a DJ for weddings, engagements, birthdays etc but I can put you in touch with other suppliers to help you if you need a starlit dancefloor, photobooth or venue decoration. I have some extras you can book to tranform your venue into something more special such as uplighting/moodlighting, and more recently an animated monogram projection service. You're not under any obligation to book these & I won't pressure you to either.

  1. I'm too expensive

I'm far from the cheapest DJ & disco service in the North East. My prices are based on what I consider to be my own level of experience, the service I'm committed to provide and what I need to earn to live, pay my bills & eat. My experience as a DJ spans over 25 years & I've gained a lot of knowledge along the way - and I've never stopped learning. I may not be cheap but all my past customers think I'm well worth it!

So there are five reasons you might not want to book me as your DJ but there are many more reasons why you should - by far the biggest is that my aim is to please you, my customer, by helping create a truly unforgettable experience.

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