Blackhill Club, Consett 50th Birthday Party DJ setup

I got a call from a friend who was already booked. He recommended me to Joanne who was looking for a DJ for her 50th birthday party. I called her up & we had a chat about the kind of party she was looking for. Very keen on music & still going to gigs regularly, she wanted a very specific style of music played & tracks which marked special times in her life.

Since the party was going to be very music-led she was given the keys to my online planner system & set about entering requests for the night, detailing dedications to be made & making notes about particular tracks.

The final list occupied the entire 5 hours of the party & I was asked to inform her guests that there was no need to make requests. All this was absolutely no problem - the music list was varied & took in the 1970s, 1980s & 90s up to the present day with mostly an 'indie' slant.

The venue was Blackhill Comrades Club near Consett - a place I'd not visited for a very long time. Quite recently modernised, the stage fitted with a sparkly starry LED backdrop, the place really looked the part. Even more so once I got my gear set up.

The night went really well & I found Joanne & her partner really easy to get along with. It'd be fair to say the dancefloor wasn't full all night long but as often happens at landmark birthday parties it can be as much about a joyful reunion as an all-out hoedown. The music though - wow. I got to play loads of tunes that don't generally get an airing - the list was pretty eclectic after all & I really enjoyed it.

I do say 'your party, your way' & I really mean it. Taking full control of the music is generally fine & something many DJs are fearful of allowing - BUT - if you are mindful of your guests & make selections you know they'll like too as Joanne did, it'll be exactly the kind of absolutely fabulous party you expect!

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