This year is already shaping up to be even more amazing than last year both at my residency (Walworth Castle Hotel) and in my private wedding DJ bookings at some new (to me) venues including Crook Hall & Gardens in Durham. I'm looking forward to travelling all over the North East to DJ at weddings for incredible people, helping to create incredible memories.

Later in the year something I'm absolutely sworn to secrecy about but I've been conspiring with a bride to help surprise her partner. Only three people know about it & it's a total understatement to say I'm excited about the reaction the surprise will get. How did this all start? With a simple question in a phone call to me about the wedding reception. My mind raced with excitement, picturing the different ways the surprise can be revealed. Out of those, I picked one then suggested it to the bride & we're going with that.

A wedding needn't be a solemn dull affair. Indeed, every wedding should be a joyous occasion packed with fun as well as being steeped in love & romance. Fun is what helps makes for great memories & I love having fun helping couples have fun creating awesome moments to treasure with their nearest & dearest!

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